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Grant used for Fluent Reading models

Posted by: IRT Foundation  | February 9, 2016

Terra Knust, 2nd Grade teacher at Otwell Elementary in Pike County, won grant money to help her with her project “Listen Up and Become a Better Reader”.

The project involves the use of a listening center with her 22 students during a 90-minute reading block. Her students in rural Otwell come from mostly low and middle income families.

“The goal of this project is that a listening center with headphones connected to a CD player in an organized unit will allow students in groups of four to five to hear books read to them while they follow the words on the pages of the book,” Knust said.

She quoted from “Hearing a book read on tape helps the student to see how the words on the page can come alive in a fluid, expressive way. It helps her focus on the sounds of words read without interruption and provides a model of fluent reading. Audio books also give her an important introduction to listening – a skill that she must master in order to learn to read.”

Knust wrote: “Providing this listening opportunity will help improve students’ decoding, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. It is my ultimate goal for every student in my class to leave 2nd Grade reading at or above grade level.”