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Our local chapters carry out our mission of volunteering for communities and advancing local education initiatives.


Area Director: Gerald Mohr

President Local Board - Susan Geesa, 317.332.2744

Chair Community Service Committee (L) - Cynthia Hiott 317.326.4494

Chair Foundation Committee - Susan Geesa 317.332.2744

Chair Member Concerns & Services Committee (L) - Cheryl Goodin 317.468.0141 

Chair Membership-Active Committee (Reg) (L) - Sandra Chandler 317.894-1809 

Chair Membership-Associate Committee (L) - Sandra Chandler 317.894.1809 

Chair Public Relations Committee (L) - Nancy Holzhausen 317.894.7765 

Co-Chair Public Relations Committee (L) - Joe McCain 317.509.4614 

Co-Chair Public Relations Committee (L) - John Rihm 317.448.0362 

Secretary Local Board - Linda Bell Secretary Local Board

Treasurer Local Board - Rebecca Hiday (317) 485-6898 

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