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Heritage project sharing stories of Hoosier educators

Posted by: Indiana Association of Public School Superientendents  | June 24, 2016

In conjunction with Indiana's Bicentennial celebration, the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents, with the generous support of George K. Baum & Company, is honoring educators through the Heritage Educators program.

During Indiana's 200 years, dedicated educators have been the foundation for our state's growth and prosperity. In fact, many of today's educators come from a family of educators, some stretching back generations.

It's this heritage that we celebrate - the honorable tradition of families that have dedicated themselves to the children of our state. Our desire is to recognize current educators who come from this family tradition, share stories of those families and, hopefully, inspire today's educators to pass on their calling to future generations.

Now, we ask for your help.

Since no database exists with information about "educator-families," we need those who are part of this heritage to share their information. If your family has a history of educators, we ask that you register on the Registration/Contact page of our website. If you know of an educator who qualifies for this honor, please ask him or her to visit our website and register. We will then post all respondents' names on Our Hoosier Heritage Educators page on this site.

To all Hoosier educators, we thank you for your service to Indiana. Please congratulate our Heritage Educators on the commitment that their families have given to Hoosiers over the years and across the state.