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Indiana EdCast: Ep. #47 — Shannon Anderson on Growth Mindset

Jan 23, 2019

Welcome to Indiana EdCast, I am Tom Mellish, ED for IRTA, The Association that advocates for all Indiana retired educators. Please email me at with your questions. We will find out the answer for you.

Today we are joined by Shannon Anderson from Rensselaer Elementary. We welcome Mrs. Anderson and look forward to her thoughts on various educational topics, instructional and classroom ideas and as an author of children’s books. Shannon is a wife, mother, runner, educator, author, and workshop presenter. In this episode, Shannon and I discuss applying Growth Mindset concepts in the classroom. Shannon answers these questions and much more:

  • What made you decide to incorporate Growth Mindset concepts into your classroom?
  • What were some of the first steps, activities that you used to kick it off?
  • How long did it take to get the procedures set up?

Discussion Topics:

  • How long have you been implementing now in your classroom?
  • How has it effected your students? Any particular group? Academic challenged, behaviorally challenged, poverty?
  • Anything that you felt didn’t work as well with the students as you would have liked?
  • How did you change it?
  • Do you tweak/change it each year?
  • Do you weave Growth Mindset Beliefs into your lessons, any particular subject?
  • Are you working on any books that incorporate Growth Mindset belief lessons?
  • What would you suggest for others wanting to begin using Growth Mindset concepts in their classrooms?
  • You do workshops on using “Growth Mindset” in the classroom. How do you structure those workshops?
  • You share many ideas and thoughts on your website and Facebook page “shannonisteaching”

Listen to the podcast to hear all of the discussion on Growth Mindset!