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Indiana EdCast: Ep. #55 — Legislative Update #6

Mar 18, 2019

Welcome to Indiana EdCast, I am Tom Mellish, ED for IRTA, The Association that advocates for all Indiana retired educators. Please email me at with your questions. We will find out the answer for you.

We are joined once by our chief lobbyist, Steve Beebe from Beebe, Scherer and Associates. We welcome Steve and look forward to his thoughts on this year’s General Assembly begins.

We are into the second half of the session. 13th Check, school funding, vouchers, state superintendent appointment, teacher licensing, etc.

HB 1001 Budget

HB 1003 School Expenditure Targets

HB 1008 Teacher Career Ladders

HB 1009 Teacher Residency Grants Pilot Program

HB 1059 Survivor Benefits

HB 1139 Pension 13th Check

HB 1224 School Intergenerational Safety Pilot Project

SB 22 Pension Matters

SB 280 Over 65 Property Tax Deduction

Legislature – We have met quite a few new legislators but are now concentrating on Senate leadership and the Appropriations Committee. We have testified, met with many individually with more to schedule. We are targeting specific senate leaders with their constituents on an email and letter campaign. Need to contact senators for their support of the 13th Check and the $50 increase.

Brunch info is out and will be about perfect timing to meet with legislators as the budget will begin to be finalized.

At this point if you see a legislator encourage them support HB 1139 (13th Check) plus an increase.

Thought of the week – "You’ve got to ask! Asking is in my opinion the world’s most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness." - Percy Ross

Until next week, thank you for listening to Indiana EdCast from Tom Mellish of IRTA and Steve Beebe from Beebe – Scherer and Associates. We will be on again next week. Until then stay warm and stay healthy.