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Our local chapters carry out our mission of volunteering for communities and advancing local education initiatives.


Area Director: Lynne Cox

President Local Board - Stanley Covey 765.307.1553 

Vice President Local Board - Karen Foxworthy 765.363.0617 

Secretary Local Board, Public Relations Committee (L) Chair - Mary Dawald 765.401.1564 

Treasurer Local Board - Larry Manlove 765.362.3929 

Community Service Committee (L) Chair - Marjorie Hughes 765.362.1394 

Foundation Committee Chair - Karen Patton 765.339.4792 

Foundation Committee Co-Chair - Barbara Reisner 765.362.8423 

Legislative Committee (L) Chair - William Combs 765.362.5034 

Member Concerns & Services Committee (L) Chair, Foundation Committee Co-Chair - Mary Lefebvre 765.794.4851 

Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair, Membership-Associate Committee (L) Chair - Marilyn Spear 765.361.1506 

Public Relations Committee (L) Chair - Nancy Bowes 765.362.4991 

Public Relations Committee (L) Member - Barbara Foster 765.307.7020 

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