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Our local chapters carry out our mission of volunteering for communities and advancing local education initiatives.

Rules, Credentials and Bylaws

The purpose of the Rules, Credentials and Bylaws Committee is to study, develop and propose to the Board of Directors and to the Representative Assembly, amendments to the Association’s bylaws and rules.

The committee is also responsible for verifying the number of delegates allocated to each chapter and for ruling on any dispute concerning delegate selection.

During the Representative Assembly the Committee is to conduct the election of the state officers and directors, according to the Election Rules adopted by the Rules, Credentials, and Bylaws Committee.

Note: April 1 is the deadline to submit proposals for amendments to the Bylaws as contained in Article X.

IRTA Bylaws

IRTA Assembly Rules


Sharon Henderson Pulaski Chair
Phyllis Largey Saint Joseph Member
H James Pierce Dearborn Member
Carolyn Tausig Clay Member
Jeanne Wease Lake Member