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Our local chapters carry out our mission of volunteering for communities and advancing local education initiatives.

Saint Joseph

Area Director: Jo Ann Manes

President Local Board - Paula Heiser 574.233.4866 Chair: Member Concerns & Services Committee (L), Public Relations Committee (L), Retirement Committee (L) Chair

Vice President Local Board - Cinda Korkhouse 574.272.6436 

Vice President Local Board - Jeanette Choate 703.531.9663 

Secretary Local Board - Nancy Smith 574.234.4567

Treasurer Local Board - Linda Turnock 574.243.0104 

Community Service Committee (L) Chair - Cynthia Streich 574.291.4797 

Foundation Committee Chair - Mary Fisher 574.273.0724 

Legislative Committee (L) Chair - Kenneth Jasinski 574.654.8441 

Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair - Kathy Elliot 574.291.8537 

Membership-Active Committee (Reg)(L) Chair, Membership-Associate Committee (L) Chair - Alfred Large Jr 574.271.9667 

Necrology Committee (L) Chair - Karen Gerver 574.220.0052 

Public Relations Committee (L) Chair - Craig Haenes 

Public Relations Committee (L) Chair - Rebecca Havens 

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