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Our local chapters carry out our mission of volunteering for communities and advancing local education initiatives.


Welcome to the Indiana Retired Teachers Association

Whether you are a retired Indiana teacher or administrator (or thinking about taking that step), we are your proud advocate and partner.

We are a non-partisan association that does not endorse candidates nor have a political action committee. We are respected for this non-partisan approach.

About Indiana Retired Teachers Association

Since 1950, we have served retired educators as:

We also support and encourage volunteerism among our members. Our retired teachers volunteer more than one million hours each year to educational causes, saving Hoosier taxpayers approximately $20 million annually.

That is why we have been recognized nationally for our commitment to our community and state.

As you can see, an IRTA membership is a great way to stay engaged and have fun.

Make your retirement meaningful


The Educator's Guide to Retiring with Purpose