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The Indiana Retired Teachers Association promotes and protects your pension and advocates for enhancements to preserve your purchasing power. The stipend paid to retirees, frequently called the 13th Check, is intended to provide more money to adjust for cost of living increases. It is not automatically included in the state budget and is subject to a vote every budget session of the General Assembly. 

Your voice is important in the decision process at the General Assembly. Here is contact information for your legislators: or call IRTA 888.454.9333 toll-free.

The IRTA supports the following positions:

  • Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) that protect pensions from erosion due to inflation and improve the purchasing power of older retirees.
  • Indiana State Teachers' Retirement Fund (TRF) recipients have a right to an annual cost-of-living adjustments and the "13th check".
  • A commitment to annual appropriations designed to reduce the unfunded accrued liability of the Indiana State Teachers' Retirement Fund.
  • Monies deposited in the Teachers' Retirement Fund or the Pension Stabilization Fund, a sub-fund of the Teachers' Retirement Fund, must only be used for the sole purpose of paying teacher pensions.
  • A military service credit policy that treats all retired teacher veterans equitably.

How you can Help

  • Continue to call, write letters and/or send an email to legislators to ask support for our legislative programs and to thank them for their support.
  • Write letters to local newspaper editors urging support and/or thanking legislators for supporting our legislative program.
  • Attend local information sessions.
  • Maintain personal contact with your state legislators.
  • Establish email and/or telephone lists so that contacts can be made on vital legislative issues.
  • Continue state, area or local luncheons or breakfasts to discuss our issues with legislators.

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