School Bell Award


Presented by IRTA Membership Committee and Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA), the School Bell is in recognition of the local RTA who signs up the largest number of NEW members. 





  • Work together with your local association.
  • Sign up new regular or associate members for the Indiana Retired Teacher Association (IRTA).
  • Have current regular IRTA Members sign up for automatic renewal via Dues Deduction.

The contest runs annually from the third Monday of June through April 30. 

At the Annual IRTA Representative Assembly, cash prizes will be awarded to the local association with the highest percentage increase in membership. The increase will be calculated based on new members and those who switch to automatic dues deduction compared to the previous year. For example, if a local association with 100 members gains 10 new members and 10 automatic dues deductions, it will have a 20% increase, while a local association with 150 members will have a 13% increase for the same gains. The IRTA office will automatically count all new members and current members who switch to dues deduction in each local area. To sign up or update members, please use or the enrollment brochure. This event is sponsored by the IRTA Membership Committee and Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA).

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