Public Relations

The purpose of the State Public Relations Committee is to promote and report the activities and work of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association and county RTAs through communications with local chapters, active teachers, legislators, businesses, local communities and the media.

Public Relations Committee Report 2021

Printable Trifold Brochure


Guidelines for Local Newsletters, Press Releases and Website Development

Press Releases

Press Release Examples

Rubric for Press Releases


Example 1

Example 2

Rubric for Newsletter


Examples of good websites are available through the IRTA portal for local chapters

Rubric for Website


Susan Livarchik, Area 1

Judy Hostetler, Area 2

Loretta Holihan, Area 3

Lynn Folkers, Area 3

Janella Knierim, Area 4

Karen Long, Area 4

Gerald Mohr, Area 7

Beverly Logterman, Area 8


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